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Sales Growth System
Leadership System
Management System
Practice Development System
Personal Development System
Speaking / Meeting Facilitation / Training
Introduction to Delta Force
Your Mission Accomplished

Delta Force Group Inc. is a firm dedicated to one thing…Helping you move from your Current State to your Desired State. Whether your goal is to improve sales, culture, master the responsibilities of leadership and management or achieving personal excellence…we have the knowledge, systems, processes and tools to get you to the goal.

The Delta Force Team
Delta Force High Performance Business Development

Brian Doughty, Delta Force Principle, comes from a blue collar background in Detroit where he was the first in his extended family to attend college. He has earned Masters Degrees in Business Administration, Public Administration and Psychology.

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Six In-depth Systems
Sales Growth System

Customized sales growth system that makes achieving your sales goals predictable…repeatable…inevitable!

Leadership System

Comprehensive leadership assessment and practical “how to lead” fundamentals and tools that drive high levels of success and great culture

Management System

Master the responsibilities of management to create self-regulating teams that perform at the highest level of effectiveness and productivity

Practice Development System

Bring proven business and human influence fundamentals to your practice for new levels of success and fulfillment

Personal Success System

Live the life you deserve by identifying your purpose and implementing the tools of success to reach your full potential

Speaking/Meeting Facilitation/Training

Make your meetings memorable and effective. We Inspire, motivate and educate to create new levels of competence and performance